Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Fun

I feel like my house is going to pot! I really need to clean around here, but that is just not priority. Making this a fun summer for my kids and painting always come first.

We went to Villa Antonia Winery Sunday. The family came out to hear my husbands band play. It is a nice place for the kids to run around and the adults catch up. Here is a pic of my sister Cris in the red shirt with her friend Wanda.

Anyway, my camera battery is dead otherwise I would show the paintings I am working on. I will do that on my next post.

Now, I am off to Mommy's Midwest Mountain. The kids planned to swim today.

Enjoy the day! Life is short!

J. Pease


Jenny said...

Your sister looks like she is having fun. Swimming...gosh I would love to have a pool, it has been in the 90's here...yuck.

Cannot wait to see pic's of those kids..I like animals better. LMAO but other people kids can "look" cute. Actually, kids are pretty funny, sometimes.

Pease Porridge said...

Yes, Animals are work too, but you get all that unconditional love and I think a little more quiet. :)My husband wants a dog sooo bad, but I am like, I already have two kids! I would love a dog too, but then I would never get anything done. Tamale my cat is enough for me right now. We did just get two fish. :) Kids do say funny things. My little boy came in from outside the other day and said, "There is either a lost little black cat in the woods or a Tarantula". It turned out to be a crow. Ha ha

Jenny said...

OMG Honey! Kelly Boo sold at the last second for 180 bucks...I am soo happy!! You may already know this, if you were watching my autcion, but I had to share..since I do not want to boast on my blog...lol

She is going to Australia!!! WOW

Jenny said...

That is funny! Black cat or Tarantula..lol Yes, I do laugh a lot when I watch AFV on tv, but that is all I get of the kiddies..

THat is why I get sooo much done!

Pease Porridge said...

Hip Hip Hurray! I am so excited! Wow! That is so awesome! I was just asking you that on your blog. I actually tried to ask last night but my computer has been acting strange. Oh, I am so excited! Maybe Halloween is the ticket.