Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hanging out at the Lake

Hope you all are enjoying your summer.  I have not been able to get on here much.  I guess you could say I am taking it easy and just enjoying my time with the kids this summer.  I hope to find time to paint soon.  I have many ideas, but I have been busy doing other things. Like....
Celebrating Birthdays

Catching Lizards
And Fish

Learning to Skate

Checking out Art Galleries

Field trips with the cousins

Sewing Mermaid Fins



And Lots

of Swimming!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! We have had a busy one so far. We finished building a pool in the back yard so needless to say I have spent most of my days out there with the kids.
In my spare time I have been playing around with oils. I do love the way they move and blend, but I am soooooooo impatient with the dry time. I still want to play with them a little longer and try some other techniques with them. Here are a few that I finished in oil. I plan to list them all on Etsy.
The only one that is not dry yet is the Pool Party. I guess I will list that one next week.