Sunday, July 20, 2008

Posted to Ebay

I finally posted my newest paintings to Ebay today. This weekend has been very busy. The only unaffected would be this little cuteness. If you look very close you can see one of her eyes. So cute.

I have been wanting to do another Frida, so I did. This one is so prim and bright. I was in a very bright color mood this week. I love how the cats look a little concerned with the crow in her lap. We have a crow family around our house and I am always so amazed at their size running around the drive and yard. I did take a digital short of them I will try to get up here soon.

I love how "Fairy Fern" turned out . The bright red and green are so cheery. The collage papers came from a book that was mine as a child. Sad to say it is vintage now. I did paint her again in a more traditional setting peaking around the tree in "Picking Flowers" at the "Real Girl" which I am currently working on.

"Counting Cats" was inspired by a black cat crossing my path the other day. They are so striking in any landscape that when they do cross your path it takes a few minutes to think, "Oh, that was bad luck wasn't it?". I guess that is why my weekend went so crazy. Hope yours was better!

Jennifer Pease


Cris said...

I love all your new paintings! That is so fun to have a crow family in your yard. I love the blue cats on the Frida one and Fern Fairy is very cute. The colors on Counting Cats is so "Autumny"--I love it!

Pease Porridge said...

Thanks Cris. I think I can get a video up of the crows. I will try. I feel so sorry for the Mom. She has three and they are the same size as her now!

Jenny said...

Hi~ Happy Monday. I did not see the counting cats on ebay, yet. I am into that! Very fun. All your stuff is realy cool! I hope you do well on them and maybe I can get a couple!

You kitty is so funny! My kitty is sittin here...waiting for mama to stop making She like when I knit better, so she can lie in my lap!

Oh well.


Leticia said...

Hi Jennifer, Just found your site. Love the Frida painting - currently bidding on it. (I have a couple of your paintings.)

Pease Porridge said...

Thank you Leticia! I am glad you stopped by my blog. I am very new to blogging, but it has been fun. I have always been terrible about keeping any kind of a diary, so we will see. I recognized your name immediately though. :)
Thanks again!