Thursday, May 28, 2009

This painting was inspired by spending the weekend in the Missouri Ozarks and a song my little girl sings from preschool, "The Earf is our Mutter, we should take care of her...." I wrote it how she sounds when she sings it.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We went out of town again this weekend. A much shorter drive than last week, only three hours. I find myself drifting away in the clouds and fields that surround me. I am surrounded by woods most of my day, so anytime I can see unbroken sky I am in aww. This 'Day Dreaming' girl is up on ebay.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am feeling a bit like a misplaced mermaid.

Where are my sunsets on the beach?

This little mermaid is up on ebay now. :)


Monday, May 18, 2009

We were so very lucky to be able to take a trip to Destin, Fl. last week. Destin is definitely one of my very favorite places to go. We are able to make it there in one days drive. It is so strange to be able to leave my house in the woods and hills of Missouri in the morning and enjoy a glass of wine on the beach by sunset. 12 hours of nonstop driving is not for everyone and I think we might break it up next time, but it is possible.

Here you can see why they call it the Emerald Coast. The water is so clear and green.

The Dolphins swim right by you and jump through the water. Simply breathtaking. Rose and I unknowingly swam with a very large Manaray. Scary.

I was able to spend Mother's Day at an Art Show close by.

So many interesting exhibits. We purchased some jewelry made of varnished Origami.

We found a little magic shop here and my son went crazy. It reminded him of Pee Wee's big Adventure which he loves! He picked out this fake cigar and couldn't wait to use it on someone.

We decided to cool off with some fresh oysters at the Acme bar. Anthony tested out his gag cigar. It went over very well.

As we chatted it up with the bartender, Steve Trotter, we found out that he was on Johnny Carson {see pic on mirror behind the bar} for being the youngest man to go over the Niagara Falls in a barrow. Unbelievable! And after looking it up on the Internet, we found out he was also voted one of the ten sexiest men in the WORLD by Mademoiselle in the 80's! Hee hee ;)

We also took a Kayak ride over to a little island with a playground. I am trying so hard here to take this pic without flipping us over.

This is the island and playground.

A talking pirate bird.

One last sunset. Now we have to start saving money in our piggy bank again.
Thanks again Diane and Bob!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is a Picture of my mom in 1965 with my sisters and a couple of my cousins. Cris of Mommy's Midwest Mountain is the one in the front with the sailor hat making a silly face.

Us sisters always say that our mother is the most beautiful mother in the world, just like the old Russian folk tale about a child lost in the village looking for his mother. He tells the villagers that his mother is the most beautiful mother in the world so they keep bringing him all of these beautiful women and he cries harder and says "No, that's not my mother!". Then finally he sees and old women with a scarf over her head and says "There she is! I told you she was the most beautiful mother!"

In a child's eyes their mother is always the most beautiful.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is one that I am currently working on. I am not finished yet, but look at these nice fat cheeks!
'Mamma Mia!'

My last post I said I would fill my Etsy shop. I guess I lied. It was unintentional though. This week and next week will be very busy, so I am going to put all my new paintings that I have finished on Ebay Sunday. Their auction will start Sunday, that way I will have a week to concentrate on the last days of school and not worry about it.

Also, I added Natural Bees Wax to the 'City Kitty' to give it an extra dreamy look. I will have 5 new paintings listed and you can check them out on my new Flickr gadget.

Hope you all are having a lovely week! I can't wait for the last day of school!!!!
Has anyone seen this creepy Alice in Wonderland on Netflix???? All I can say is, wow.
If you have instant watch it might be worth checking out. Hope you don't have nightmares. ;)