Friday, August 29, 2008


Just wanted to share a few paintings from my private collection. This lovely family walking their cat was painted by Rose. Come on! Look at the face on that cat. That is amazing.

This little collage in polka dot, also by Rose.

Starry Sky and Moon, By none other than the fabulous Nino.

I am so glad it is Friday! This has been a long week. Now that school is in, I have little time to blog. Home School takes up most of my day, My kitchen is torn apart and that makes everything take longer. Yesterday, Rose's Preschool teacher made a house visit to meet her for the first time at home. Preschool house visit. Wow! Her teacher was very nice and Rose took to her right away. I thought she was cool because her son worked on the set of the Pirate's of the Caribbean movies for three years. Too Cool. One of my favorite movie series of all time. Last night I thought we would have been able to work on the lights for the kitchen, unfortunately instead my husband had to fix the garbage disposal because I accidental poured fish gravel down it when cleaning the fish bowls. Learned my lesson to always put the strainer in when doing that. I always have to tell myself twice to remove the fish first too. I can just see myself pouring them down the sink with the water one of these days. Ugh. Finally I will end with one of my favorite drawings done by Rose, about a year ago. This is still taped on my pantry door. Must get this in a proper frame. There is my collection. I hope to some day add more artists to my collection.
Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Song Tag

I was tagged by Wonders Of Whimsy and Mommy's Midwest Mountain for a Song Tag. I am to list 5 songs that I am embarrassed to love and then tag 7 other people. Well, since all the people I know have already been tagged I am not going to play by the rules, but I will tell you my guilty pleasures. My past consists of Poison, Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, and Nirvana to name a few. Now, my embarrassing music would be Avril Lavigne and YES, The Humps Song. Ha ha. That is a fun one.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Dark Eyed Beauty

Meet "Charlotte".Posted on ebay. Wish I had more time to blog. Hope I will soon....

Have a great evening! Jennifer

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stripes and Dots

Last weekend we stopped into the Humane Society and tortured ourselves by looking at all of the cute kittens. I would love another cat. I am a little worried that my youngest would accidentally devourer it with too many kisses. Not sure if she is ready yet. Might wait another year. Anyway, there was a kitten that my husband favored white with stripes and dots. So cute. So here is the painting with the same theme as "Peek A Boo Sissy".

Also I must Thank Jenny Carter of Wonder's Of Whimsy for the very thoughtful award. Since Wonder's Of Whimsy is really the only blog I read outside of my family, I must award her 7 times.! Ha ha ha. I am going to try to do my homework and look at some other blogs off of her list. Hee hee. She has such good taste it can't hurt to start there. Thank YOU Jenny and I love your new Dollies!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ebay Postings

My latest Ebay listings.

I love the "Peek A Boo Sissy" Painting. Just plain cute.

Then there is my "I Love Halloween" witch. I put her up for .99 cents.

I am not sure how much time I will have soon. I hope I can work it all out to still have time to paint in the mornings. That is my favorite time to paint. My concern is this huge box of books. I home school my son right now until he can learn to keep himself safe at a school. Milk allergy is nearly impossible to manage in an elementary . As you can imagine it is everywhere. So we are taking it easy and just home schooling through the public school, all accredited. Should be an interesting year and it starts Wednesday. Yikes!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My First Oil

Well, here is my first try at an oil painting. I was able to remove the paw clouds.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katydid Doo Doo

Aah the Katydid. Now is the time of the Katydid. That taunting sound they make in the wee hours that would remind me as a back to school girl that it was still summer and why in the world did I have to get up so early for school already. I hated school. I would have been delighted to have been home schooled until 9th grade. Never to step foot in a school building. I hated it. By 9th grade it started getting a little more interesting. Boys. Ha ha

We decided to study this little creature up close. Watching him lick his hands and look at us. We must have scared him in the process because he promptly left two number twos right on the porch next to us. I
did not know they did that, but I guess it only makes sense. So we put him back to a safe spot. I went in to finish making dinner. Rosalie's curiosity did not end there though. She decided on her own to continue the study. The first scream I heard was the Katydid and in horror thought OH NO she has dismantled a leg, but instead the Katydid had the best of her and had went up her dress and with his sticky feet attached himself to the side of her hip. She was screaming and jumping, but the Katydid would not budge. I rescued them both and I think she has learned her lesson that some bugs are bigger and faster. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Missouri Botanical Garden

Today my sister Susan I took the kids to the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day out and one of the last days of summer before school starts. We are really packing it in these last couple weeks.
We had a wonderful time. So much to see. We even ran into our sister Cris there. Ha ha , no just kidding that is just one of the art sculptures from the Niki exhibit. I loved all these Sculptures. They were something to see among the beautiful landscape.

We just about lost the kids in the maze.

I LOVE this Skull. You can climb inside too!

But, this Women and Man walking a spider was probably my favorite! I am not sure who this sculpture was by. I will have to look that up. Well, back to house work. Yeah. :(

Monday, August 11, 2008


Gees, I didn't think I would ever get these done. Magic House, play dates, family birthday parties, thank God it's Monday! I love Mondays! Only work at home people can say that, I think...

Here are my finished paintings all together. I plan to post tonight. Although, I am really liking these and I need some new stuff on my walls........
I tried to make the Devil and Angel not necessarily Halloween. I think they can be all year round. In fact I can not even tell if they are real Devil and Angel or in costume. You decide. I love the landscape scene. Again, there is a hint of fall with the pumpkin bucket and no leaves on the trees, but not so much that you can't
have it up all the time. In fact, I think these
trees are just dead. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sneak Peeks

Cute Cat Alert!

Nice. Very Nice.

OK, here is a sneak peek at what I am working on. I am falling in love with all of these.

The Halloween Angel has the sweetest face. I have not started on the devil's face yet, but she is holding a black cat, so you know there will be cuteness involved...i hope.

The landscape one that is started will feature both the angel and the devil. Kind of doing the whole combination painting again. It is a fun way to do portraits. Speaking of portraits.
I LOVE this Frida portrait. I love the silhouettes of the trees and the crows and how the crows are flying through. Turned out so cool. It even has a tad of texture in her hair and the trees.

Well, there is my sneak peek.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seven Year Anniversary

Today is my Husband's and I seven year wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful night last night out to eat and then The Muny, an outdoor theater in St. Louis. Unfortunately, it had to end with finding out one of my kids threw up at the Grandparents house where they were being watched. Lovely. He is better today. Kids always make life a little more exciting than you would like.

Thinking back on our wedding night I was wishing I had a digital picture of it, but I do not. Digital cameras were just getting popular that year and we still had all our pics done the old fashion way. Oh, well. We were married at a famous haunted house in St. Louis called the Lemp Mansion. It was a beautiful night. Speaking of hauntings, here is a pic of my latest listing on ebay. :)