Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This R2-D2 artwork was created by my son Anthony. We are all huge fans of Star Wars. We were lucky enough to be able to go to Star Wars in Concert. All the music was played by an unbelievably talented Symphony Orchestra while parts of the movie played on a giant screen . Anthony Daniels who played C-3PO narrated . It was quite an experience and I think we all agree we would do it again. Although, Anthony did cry all the way home because he wanted to meet Anthony Daniels and get his autograph. :(

Anthony wore a Jedi robe there. He was not the only one in costume as you can imagine.

These are my latest paintings up on ebay. These have been almost finished for a couple weeks and I just now got around to putting the finishing touches on them.
Too much partying and not enough painting.
Now I am off to go mail my Christmas cards. It is crazy that you can only send two cards on a dollar. Wow. I might look into postcards next year. ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have to show off my niece Laura's painting. It is of my dear baby Rose hugging my other niece's dog , Punch.

This is a perfect opportunity to welcome Laura Beth to the art blog world. If you go to her blog you may recognise her from my sister Cris's Mommy's Midwest Mountain bog. This is one of her beautiful daughters. Cris, I hope you don't mind that I am showing her off first. Hee hee

Laura has always had an amazing talent for doing portraits, even as a young girl, gees she is a young girl, I should say even as a child, she would sit and sketch portraits of the children around her. Now, in art school she is really spreading her wings. I have been after Laura for a few years now to show off her work and she has finally become brave enough to do it. :)

Laura, I love this painting! You will have to let me buy a print!


Monday, December 7, 2009

I have been a very bad blogger lately. I know you all are feeling the time crunch too. Christmas is almost here and there is so much to do.
If you are interested in what I have been up to, read on. If you are busy too, don't waste your time. :)

This week we went to Zoo Lights. It was beautiful , cold and fun. The Penguin house was open. All was perfect until Rose lost the little puppy she was holding in her hand. OH, BOY. We have not been through that with her yet. Daddy went through the park looking with no luck. Later that night I told her we could call the spirit of the puppy to come stay with us. Long story short, she went with it and was very happy playing with her imaginary ghost puppy the rest of the night. She said she will never take her ghost puppy anywhere so as not to loose him. ;)

Then the next day was a field trip for Anthony's class to the Transportation Museum. What can I say, I love trains. Maybe it is because my Grandpa worked as a Train Master for the railroad all his life 12 hour days, 7 days a week. They hold a special place in my heart.

Finished out the week with decorating Christmas trees, watching Christmas movies and making Christmas cookies.

This a pic of me that Rose took.

Here is a shot of my messy kitchen. On the kitchen table are pendants that I am working on and some prints mounted on wood I plan to get up on Etsy soon.

I hope you all are not falling behind on things to do. Take a deep breath. It will all get done.