Friday, January 30, 2009

Mardi Gras Anyone?

I have not been around much this week, but that does not mean I have not seen all of the awesome artwork shown on the side of my page by all of the people I follow. I just have not had time to comment this week. Anthony has had so much school work. I home school because of allergies for anyone that does not know that. It is through an online school so we have to be accountable. No slacking or we are in trouble by the teacher. :0
I also have several get togethers here this weekend. Today, tonight, tomorrow night and of course Super Bowel Sunday! Lots of cleaning. Mostly internal cleaning to get to the external cleaning and toy rotation that has not been done since Christmas. All of you with kids know what that means. Ugh. That does not mean that I have not painted this week. That is usually what calms me. Exception, this one. Every so often I think I am going to be able to paint my kids. NO It does not work. I try and try. Moving features around back and forth , up and down. Couldn't do it. I wasn't about to waste all of my hard work! Voila!! A mask was the only solution. Ha ha. Mardi Gras Anyone? Ha ha. Have a great weekend. Be safe Sunday to all of you Football fans. Jennifer
PS Here is Foster so scared of Rose in her mask. I think he thinks she is a big cat. Ha ha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red Haired Angel

I painted a Red Haired Angel to go along with these other two. This is actually a new Saint Lucia. I painted this one little bigger to go with the other two. They will be listed tonight. Hope you are all having a wonderful week and keep warm!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Inspired by an Angel

I was recently at the St. Louis Art Museum and I am always so taken by how beautiful the religious paintings are and I guess that is what inspired me to do these two. I had been wanting to do Saint Lucia for a little bit now and I think I will just keep her.

I have been TAGGED

Micki has such wonderfully creative mixed media paintings. You will have to check her out. If you have not been to Julie-Ann's blog you must go. She is truly inspirational. Her art is beautiful and she will inspire you to be a better person.

Sooo, six random things that I haven't written yet?

1. My first word was Meow
2. I do not like winter
3. I had a near death experience when I was a little girl.
4. I love to walk track
5. I change my mind too much
6. I don't like to fish.
Ok, I now have to post the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you
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write six random things about yourself
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Here they are:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Much More Fun Than I Thought and Award Thank Yous!

We went skiing today at a place called Hidden Valley. It was so much more fun than I thought it would be! I have never been skiing before, so this was a first for me. Here I am looking like a total dork. Why can't I just smile like a normal person?

Here is Rose soon after her TWO hour lesson. I thought she was quite a trooper to go through that long of a lesson. Plus it gave Scott and I a little more free time on the slopes or should I say Bunny Hill. ;)

Nino did NOT want it to end. So we will have to go back soon.

Here is a little pic to warm you up after all of that snow. A Banana Foster fire side.

Yes, we officially named him Banana Foster. Banana, because he is BANANAS! And Foster because he came from several foster homes before we took him on. Plus he is a food like Tamale. If you didn't know, Tamale came from Tom Cat in the alley of a Mexican Restaurant. TOM ALLEY = Tamale. That is where she was found. We thought she was a boy. :o

I also want to thank Cinzia of Pistacchio E Nocciola for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Her blog has some of the most beautiful Photography and is very interesting to follow.

I also received the Fab Blog award from Azul at Azul Valentina Her paintings are so wonderful. Always filled with so much meaning. She has a very unique style. You have to check her out.

Then last but not least, Jenny Carter gave this very sweet friendship award. I am sure anyone that stops by my blog already knows who Jenny Carter is. Hee hee. She is the girl that is single handily saving all the kitties in Denver, while she knits everyone she knows a hat and scarf! She is amazing! She will not let anyone go cold or hungry on her watch. Check both her blogs out. Jenny I thought of you while I was skiing today. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun with Glitter

Can you tell by the looks of my paintings that I am having fun with GLITTER? I feel like a little kid again. It is so fun and sparkly! I can't stop.

Along with my glitter addiction I also have a new addiction to a show called Nanalan' . Maybe some of you have heard of it. It is a Canadian show on channel 9 for kids. I was going to add a snip it of it on here so you could see what I am talking about, but all I could find were the older episodes on youtube and Nana looks a little scary on those. They are much better now. :) Some of you might know what I mean. Hee hee

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here is my latest painting. I am doing a little redecorating in the house, soooo I am trying to paint what I would like to hang. Interesting concept. hee hee.
I am painting some larger paintings for different rooms in the house. If they sell, awesome. If not, that is good too. I will also be doing some smaller ones for Valentine's soon too.
This is my kitchen that I am always working on. I am still not done. :/

Here is another update on cat love. Yes, I admit, I did push them together here. It lasted for about 5 minutes before Tamale got up and moved away. But look at how calm she is about it. :)