Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cow's Milk

I am still working on my next art project. I have some perfecting to do. I should be done Sunday.
This weekend has been focused on food! I get to go out to eat two nights in a row! :) It is my husbands birthday weekend and that is what Italians like to do to celebrate. EAT!
Last night we took my sweet little Rose out for her first official restaurant experience for all the cow's milk she could eat. My son is allergic so we rarely have it in the house. We live on soy milk and tofu, which is fine with me. I love it, but my Rosalie does love cow's milk. We ate at Rich and Charlies. The owners are close friends of the family. They took great care of us. Tonight we go out again to a steak house. Happy Birthday Scott and Emil!
Tomorrow I will post my newest painting. I can not wait to finish them. I wish I could work on them right now.


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