Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, I was inspired to go west this week. First, I painted this little girl Becky . She lives close to the railroad tracks. I do love the sound of a distant train.

Then, I painted Susan. I had a hard time deciding to use crackle or not, but I am glad I did. It gives them both a very rustic primitive look. Not sure if you can tell, but they both have a touch of glitter too. Susan's fringe and Becky's flowers and flip flops. I always have to tell myself flip flops. I am of the generation when they were called thongs. Now, that is considered underwear! My nieces laugh when I call my flip flops thongs. How did it get so complicated?

And this is Becky's house. I think these wild donkeys come in the afternoon for a snack. Becky feeds them. I am going to put the girls up on ebay, but I have not decided on the house . I might keep that.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is a painting I did for myself called "Sorrow". I have had this sketched on paper for probably a year and have finally painted it. I painted this lovely lady to be sad for me. There is so much tragedy and sadness in the world that sometimes I feel guilty for having fun knowing that someone somewhere is suffering. So this is my little lady that can pray and be sad for me all day and night while I carry on.

And carry on we did....

We spent the day at a large mall North of St. Louis. This mall has a small indoor playground , ice skating rink, and fun fair type rides. The kids drove some mini go carts. Rose was NOT a good driver. It scared me to death.

She is my wild child. This is her jumping on the super web like spider man. Here she is attempting to do a flip on it. scary.

I did paint a few more paintings this week. I am just not sure what I am going to do with them yet. :/ They are different. I have one that I plan to put up tonight if I have time. If I do I will post it here too.

Hope you all had an interesting weekend.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

I finally finished this one. "Pretty in Pink" You can find it on ebay.

"No fire tonight, I guess a lamp will have to do."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Here are two new paintings I have finished. I have been reading the Life of Saints and that is what has inspired me. The one on the left is a painting of Saint Agatha. Her feast was February 5Th. She is quite inspiring. She refused the solicitations of a high Roman so they tore her breasts off. Yikes. There is much more to her story , but that is the short of it. In modern times she has been taken as a Patron Saint of Breast Cancer. The one on the right is just a beautiful red haired angel.

I plan to post these tonight on ebay.

I also thought I would share a picture of my messy art table and a painting I am currently working on.

Hope you all had a very nice weekend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picture Tagged

I've been picture tagged by the Lovely Lisa of Lisa Lectura Creations, who by the way , is having a giveaway so make sure you stop by.

All I had to do was upload the FOURTH photo from my FOURTH folder on my computer and tag FOUR others with the same love. My FOURTH photo, not so great, but I did find an old shot that I have never shown on here. This is an old pic of my husband and I in New Orleans at the Central Grocery getting a Muffuletta. Yum.

Now for the tagging: