Monday, July 28, 2008

Bug Blog

I am still playing around with my next paintings. It has been a busy weekend. I did want to share my bug story. I have already told everyone who would listen and I still can not get it out of my head, so now I am blogging about it.

Rose my daughter had crayon shavings all on her lap so I had her go out the back door to shake them off. It was dark out but I could see a shadow by her foot that looked about the size of her foot, so we promptly screamed and I pulled her in and shut the door.
A few seconds later we heard a KNOCK at that door! Rose and I looked at each other and knew it could only be one thing. That bug! It was so big it was knocking at the back door. So my husband heard all of this and had to have a look. I said get ready because he wants in. So we cracked the door to take a peak and before we knew it he was inside! It was huge! I am still not sure what it was. We swooshed it out again and watched through the window with amazement as it walked away. The only thing I could find that might be it was a Blister Beetle. We have horned beetles so I know it was not that, but it was just as big if not bigger. I hope I can stop thinking about it now.


Jenny said...

AHHH~ I am creeped out now..uugh. Thank goodness we do not have BIG bugs here...not enough oxygen..LMAO

k said...

jen! im glad you've experienced large bugs in your part of the woods. any encounters with hawk moths? they're my new obsession...