Friday, July 18, 2008

Fairy Fern and More

This week was too eventful. I sure did NOT get as much done as I wanted to. I never do. This week started with my 6 year old son wanting a big boy room. My first folk art painting was created on his wall. He thinks he is too old for trees and birds .:( It was a little harder than I thought it would be to paint over them. We both were a little teary eyed. I just kept thinking, these newly painted walls of plain white and blue are the walls that he will grow his first mustache in. Waaaaaaaa.

Good bye baby, hello boy and then teenager. They grow so fast.
The week ended with two cases of swimmers ear. Both my daughter and son. They have been spending everyday under water with their new goggles. Not a good thing.

But, I did manage to paint some, besides my sons walls. After cleaning out the kids room, I brought my favorite toy of theirs into my office. I bought this knowing they would not play with it too much, but I just LOVE the way it looks, so now it is officially mine. It became quite an inspiration piece for colors this week. Some weeks I paint very dark, but this week I could not help but paint bright. Here is a peek of what I will be putting on ebay. I am still not finished with the 8x10. Hopefully I will get these up soon.

Off to another play date, but I plan to paint over there. Yeah!

Have a good day!

Jennifer Pease


Jenny said...

Boy's growing up. Must be hard. I love your paintings in the picture.

I am having a crappy day. Someone acussed me of copying a shaker...LMAO I never even knew there was a pattern for I had to remove my wording from my own design...Whatever. SOrry I had to bitch to someone other than a doll maker.

There are too many haters out there. :) Have good day.

Pease Porridge said...

Oh, that is ridiculous! Don't let it get to you. There is always going to be someone out there causing trouble. I love all of the heads on sticks, sooo cute. Hope you got all your taxes taken care of. You sound very busy.

Hope you have a better evening.


Jenny said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for responding. You are the only one I have told. This person that had a problem with it went to a friend of mine (another doll designer) so, I am feeling a bit stabbed in the back cuz I have not idea who it is..

I have mixed emotions about it. I am surely one of the most honest people out there. So, if someone needed to get credit, I would not have put I designed it..LOL which I did, but whatever...I have learned to just make what I want and not claim any of it. Maybe it was the claiming part that got to them..anyway, it shows that I am gonna be sucessful, I guess, cuz jealousy is what breeds anger in people.

So, thanks again for being my platform for

The mural you did was fun. I would have loved to do one! Have a good one too~



Pease Porridge said...

Yes, I notice you always give credit to others. Try not to let it bother you. You are doing so well don't let it slow you down. They should know you would not purposely do anthing to step on anyone's toes. Your right about the jealousy thing. Just let it roll off. Tomorrow is a new day. :)