Monday, July 18, 2011

I am very fond of the colors in this one.  I am pretty sure these were the colors of my Grandparent's bedroom when I was a little girl in the 70's.  And I wouldn't doubt that the bedroom was decorated way before I came around.  I still remember how important a phone call could be.  Now with all the computers and endless cell phones does it still feel the same? This painting is up on Etsy. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

I finally had time to paint! These are all on Etsy. After painting the big Faire painting, I was pretty tired.  I asked Rose to count how many faces were on that one.  When she told me 14!  I was like, holy cow, no wonder I am tired!  I don't think I will do that many for a long time.  It was so nice just doing one face in"Still of the Night"  Ahhh, that was actually enjoyable. I never did fill you all in on the cat situation, those of you who were around at the beginning of the year.  They are getting along now for the most part.  I came across this show called "Cat from Hell" and I listened to everything the 'Cat Daddy' said on there.  I think basically he was fighting Tamale for the Master Bedroom.  He knew it was off limits to him and he knew that was where the kings of the pride slept and he wanted in.  As soon as I opened all doors the tension between them has been reduced to a minimum.  He feels like part of the pride and no longer fights her.  He, Butter is his name, is very sweet to her now.  She still does not care for him though.