Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another busy week.
Here are my latest paintings up on ebay.

Thursday, Rose had a very big day. She pulled out a loose tooth and then a couple hours after that had me take her training wheels off her bike. She rode away first try without even falling. Quite a big day.

Anthony mostly builds lego towns all day. He wishes to win a Lego contest with his latest creation. They are always having contest where you send in pictures of what you have made. We also went to a Lego display downtown. It was interesting..... could have been better, but the kids had fun. We also walked over to the city farmers market called "Soulard Market" They agreed that was much more interesting.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I love when kitties try to smash themselves into tiny containers. It is so cute that they think they are that small!

The last one is called 'Kitty Stalker'. Their faces say it all. These are up on ebay now.


Friday, July 9, 2010

This summer feels like it is going so fast!!
These are two new paintings up on ebay

There have only been a couple days to use our imagination to keep us busy.
This is the first summer in a while that we have not had an easy set pool instead we used buckets!! Not a bad way to keep cool.

We also had fun with string. This is a great way to transport G.I. Joe men to the battle field along with an assortment of enemies.

Another great way to have fun with string.....set up a pirate camp!

I was actually slightly injured during this sword fight. I guess those fencing lessons are paying off for Nino. Although he sure doesn't go after his classmates the way he came after me.

Hope you are all getting some time to play during these "lazy" days of summer.