Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The kids are back in school and I am left with a nervous energy that is not really good for painting. The first week all I could do was clean and now this week I am forcing myself to paint. I always feel better when I do.
I worry a little more than I should. I get that from my Mother. Thank you Mom.

This painting is called "Morning Stretch". I will have this one and hopefully another up tonight on ebay.

I am also so sad that summer is over. I feel like it was a little wasted because of the heat. Most days were around 100 with the heat index 110. It was hard to get out and do the things we normally do.

I am trying to look forward to the fall now.

Here are my babies waiting for the bus. Yes, the bus. I miss driving them in the morning, but it will save gas. We are already working on school work every night. Waaaaa.