Friday, November 5, 2010

This one is called "They Found the Milky Way". I remember as a little girl being able to see so many more stars out here than I do now. I was reminded of this at a recent trip to the St. Louis Science Center. They have a dome shaped room there where you lay down on the floor in the pitch dark and stare up at the round ceiling that is made to look just like the night sky. The little stars even twinkle. As the narrator went through all the constellations he began to show off the Milky Way. It was then that I realised it had been sooo long since I was able to see it. Now that it is more populated where I live I guess we have more light pollution. I will have to find a place on a clear night to take the kids to see the Milky Way soon.


rachel awes said...

& i've just
been noticing
the skies lately!
i'm a follower for sure! xo

Cris said...

I love it, Jen! The stars are wonderful. You will see them clearer when it gets really cold! That's when they sparkle like zircon plums!

Anonymous said...

My dad always used to take me out to spot the southern cross in the sky. I still look for evry night now. I adore looking at stars!

Heather said...

this painting is so sweet and stunning. It just has such a lovely stillness and peacefulness to it...

Fair Rosamund said...

What a beautiful painting! It has been a long time since I have looked at the stars just for the sake of looking at them, you have reminded me to do that :) ~Lauren

Jenny Carter said...

Hi Jennifer. It's been a while..I know.

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Janine said...

this paintings are absolutly wonderful.
You have a very special style.

vivienne strauss said...

What a moving painting!