Thursday, November 18, 2010

The squirrels are so busy around here gathering nuts. Rose, my daughter, was explaining to me that they use their tails for blankets. We were trying to picture how cute they must look all curled up in the tree snuggled together at night. The second painting is of a parakeet. I had one that talked when I was a child. She was probably one of the most talkative parakeets I have ever met. No one can believe that she said all that she did. It was quite a list and my mom still has a cassette tape to prove it. These are on Etsy.


Micki said...

I love squirrels they are so cute, I haven't seen any yet this year though, but then we live in a built up area and there are only a couple of small parks nearby, I may have to go futher afield to find some though ;)

The girl and the parakeet is a gorgeous painting, love the colours and the frame is fab!!

Micki x

Julie said...

I love these Jennifer! They are so sweet and the colors are just beautiful. Squirrels are about the cutest little wild animals there are. : ) xx