Monday, November 29, 2010

This lovely lady will be on Etsy as soon as I can get her up there. There is kind of a story that goes with this one. You may notice the strange markings of this cat. Everyday on the way to school we pass a farm that has a cat that is all black with an orange face. The first time we saw it crossing the road I screamed because I thought it had an animal in its mouth, then I realised that was its face! We have only seen it twice, so needless to say we are always on the lookout for the black cat with the orange face. In fact, I even have another painting of this cat that I have never finished in hopes of seeing its face one more time before I do. Crazy, huh.

It is officially cold here. The heat has kicked on and Rose would rather warm her toes this way than keep socks on.

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. I hope my guests enjoyed it. I know I did.
It even snowed a little. It was so pretty!

This is my husband and I. A rare moment together in a photo.

We had a little fun scaring the kids with a human head dessert and I could not resist walking around with these candles on MY head pretending to be Santa Lucia.

It was a fun night. Hope you all had a safe and happy one too.


gracey said...

oh my! i also have moments of creative process like that when i want to paint a particular subject :)

i really admire your artwork! hope you'll see the furry orange-faced pal again :)

MyBlueHeaven said...

Wish I could see that cat. Sure was fun on Thanksgiving.

Micki said...

Beautiful painting Jennifer, love the impressionist style you did in the background of this one!!

Glad to see you had a fun thanksgiving too :)

Micki x

Janine said...

I like that fotos. I had no idea, that you are so pretty.
I like your painting too especially thr field of flowers the girl is standing in.

Anonymous said...

Crazy I wish I could see this cat!

Beautiful painting!

Ayala Art said...

Nice painting and funny story about the cat ;o)

Anonymous said...

The mysterious orange faced cat...immortalized in your painting...I like it! Your painting and the mystery. The candle on head photo is your kids can haul out and say "and ~this~ is our Mom"!!!

Julie said...

That Rose is so precious! And I love your new paintings so much...I was happy to see them sell! Just beautiful. You and your husband are such a handsome couple! : )

Fair Rosamund said...

I love that painting--what a strange color combination for a cat, so interesting! Your photos are lovely, it looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) ~Lauren