Thursday, November 11, 2010

This has been a busy week of getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. Moving furniture out of the kitchen and into the living room to make room for more tablage. Then I started messing with the play room and that took a whole day of taking shelves down in the closet to put in giant shelving units. Now the play room has enough space for a semi couch, coffee table and MY tv that I was kind enough to donate to the cause. What was the cause? Keeping the kids out of the dark man cave and into a bright creative hang out. I think all of my hard work is paying off. If you are wondering why I am rambling about this it is because I felt bad just saying ,"Here is my newest painting on Etsy".


Heather said...

this is so sweet and lovely! You've used such beautiful colors and love their expressions :)

priti.lisa said...

Well you made me laugh :D)
I liked the story tho...
I know I told you before how much I am enjoying your impressionism current very favorite is the kittys and yarn...but they are all fabulous!

Micki said...

Nice story lol... feel free to ramble anytime, I know I do ;)

Love your latest painting the trees are fabulous!!

Micki x

Micki said...

Thanks for the robot love x
In answer to your question, Quoting straight from google here:
"A water infection is also known as a urinary tract infection or cystitis, and is defined as an infection of the bladder"
lol.. so now you know ;)

Cris said...

Yea!! Thanksgiving at your house!! Does that mean I get Christmas or New Years? The painting is really neat, so retro in the colors, yet modern.

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting!!
Greetings :)

Julie said...

I love these paintings Jennifer! Each of their faces is so perfect! They truly embrace fall. You're so funny.... : )