Monday, November 15, 2010

My latest painting "Bird Feeder Kitty" is up on Etsy. We just recently started feeding the birds again. Tamale sits at the window cackling at each bird that comes to the feeder and then begs to go out. Does she really think I am going to let her out after seeing her drool?

This was a rough weekend. I am glad it is over. I have to say that the high point of my weekend was an impromptu visit with my husbands Grandma. She is a very old-fashioned Sicilian grandma. The kind that says,"Don't call, just come over". We really should do it more often. We were in the area Sunday so we stopped in WITHOUT calling first and she was happy as can be to take us into her kitchen where she was chopping meat for a future stew. We sat and talked about old family recipes, trying to get siked up for Thanksgiving in which we will be hosting for my family. We will still visit his family that day and then rush back home to open the doors for mine. Sounds crazy, I know. Anyway, that is why we wanted to stop by and see her because we knew we would be rushed that day. She of course can never let us leave without giving us something to take. We walked out of there with sweet potatoes and homemade chicken and dumplings to warm up later. That generation has sooo much to teach us, we really need to take note before they are gone.


Micki said...

Another gorgeous painting!!

Micki x

Janine said...

Your framed minis look great.
It is a great idea to put this ornaments on a christmas- tree.