Monday, June 29, 2009

I have lots to share along with these three beauties. I just listed the "Mermaids Three" on ebay. I love their nice round bellies. if you look close at the second pic you will see a picture of my Rose with her nice plump belly. Now you know my inspiration for these round torsos. :)

I also want to show of my sweet bird print from The Ruby Nest. I love it! Thank you Julie! This is where I want to start collecting prints and framing them. I have such a huge empty wall here.

This is me having fun with my camera timer. I felt like a teenager taking pics for face book here, but I had a fun excuse to model my new necklace from The Art Hermit. Thanks again Micki!
I also posted a moon walking video. It was fun watching the kids try and believe me, I know I am NO M.J., but you are welcome to take a look.


Micki said...

I love love love those mermaids, such cuties!

Thank you for being such a beautiful model for my jewellery, such a fab group of photos!

My kids just sat with me and watched the moonwalk video, they are now trying to do it too lol!

Micki x

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jennifer! Another adorable mermaid painting! Love those bellies too! Thanks so much for your supportive comment on my blog! I really appreciate it! And how cute is that video! I wish I could moon walk. Have a great week!

Lisa :)

Fantastic Figments said...

Hey lady you are amazing with these paintings you make me want to clean my art table so I can actually do art!!!! I cleaned the living room last night and I think tonight is going to be the craft table. JUST TOO MUCH and not enough storage :(. Cute pictures!


Kelly said...

Such sweet little mermaids...I love their little bellies.
Your video is cute. I can't moonwalk but I remember rollerskating to Off The Wall, soundtrack to my early teendom.

MyBlueHeaven said...

Wow Jen you're good! No wonder you were interesting in how I could win the moon walking contest. I like Anthony's hand as he's trying it.

Julie said...

What don't I love about this post?! (I'm still smiling from the moonwalk video) Thank you for the kind words; I love how you framed the print but my most favorite thing about this post is that new painting....mmmm...precious indeed! x

Cris said...

Oh man, those mermaids are way too cute!! They all look like my Rosie Posie!! The necklace from Micki is so beautiful! Luckeeee (said like Napoleon) I love the moon walk video! How many times did rose change socks, did she think having white ones on would do the trick? ha ha

K said...

Love those little mermaids - my Sophia has a sweet little bellie like that! I also love your "facebook" ;) photos of your beautiful necklace from Micki!

Lovin the moonwalk too - i tried to teach my girls awhile back to no avail! I'm gonna try again though!

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOVE the mermaids!!!! They are just adorable!!! Well done!!

Heather said...

the mermaids are so gorgeous! I really love that collage :) and your print is the sweetest!~

Jenny Carter said...

That video was so cute. You do that great Jen. I have never tried. First I thought you were your daughter, you looked so tiny....heehee

glorv1 said...

Hi, just passing by. I think your blog is great. That's a very nice necklace. The mermaid painting is great. That was a pretty good moonwalk. I love Michael and he sure is going to be missed. Take care and enjoy your Fourth of July.