Monday, June 22, 2009

I love this little deep thinking mermaid. She has studied everything and still can't figure it out. "Why Am I?" is up on Ebay now.

I have been working very hard making these little jewels. I am going to start adding items to my Etsy shop this week.

I have prints to add too and yes I was very nervous that Tamale was going to try to lay on them while I was taking this shot. I assure you she did not. She is learning to be more professional.

It was not all work and no play this week. We did make a trip to Meramec Caverns, the infamous Jesse James hideout. It was strange packing the jackets when it is 97 out, but it is quite cool deep in the Earth. Though we look less than thrilled in these shots , it was very beautiful. I had a slight panic deep in the cave, but I was able to assure myself that I could get out if I wanted to. Claustrophobic.
Well, off to go reopen the ol' Etsy. Have a great week everyone.


Snowbrush said...

Whoa 97! We've been wearing jackets here in Oregon even when we're not in a cave. The highs have been in the middle sixties lately.

I wonder if Jesse James really did hide out in that cave. You ought to visit Northfield, MN, sometime. The James Gang robbed a bank there. One of the outlaw's skeletons is now in the bank along with another outlaw's finger.

You guys sure look cute together.

K said...

i adore all of these little creations! my youngest daughter has a HUGE fascination with mermaids...she wants to be one with blue hair and a blue shiny fin!! i love this sweet little one who is still just trying to figure it out! quick question for do you make your prints? i have done some research but still haven't figured what would be the best avenue - any advice would be treasured! thank you! happy monday!

Cris said...

The new mermaid is SOOO cute! I love the colors!

Micki said...

all your new goodies are fantastic, I love them, the painting is just adorable!

Micki x

Fantastic Figments said...

WOWOWOOW this is awesome! and an Etsy shop! Very exciting! I am sure you will do great and I love the jewels.

Remember if you get a print of the Babes at sea let me know *wink wink*

Congrats and Much Success


Heidi said...

I really like the round pendant with the mermaid! Those caves are so neat and I totally get how you feel when you are deep in the cave. My parents took us, actually just my Mom because Dad "had" to wait in the gift shop, to that cave when I was younger and I remember how I too started feeling like I have to get out of there. The last cave I have been in is the Brial Cave in the Ozarks. I love the ladder in the water and how old they estimate it to be!

Sonia ;) said...


Everything looks so awesome...I love the glasses on the mermaid..I would of had a panic also in a cave...Tamale looks very professional....

Hugs and Smiles,
Sonia ;)

Kelly said...

That little mermaid is so beautiful...I love her little glasses and her pile of books...I know exactly how she feels.

The cave pix are so hubby is a geologist. He loves that sort of thing. I do an extent, but I also have the 'moment of panic' thing too.

Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for stoppping by! I love your jewelry too! They looks great and so does the cute mermaid:)


Silke said...

Oh, I love that mermaid! She looks so thoughtful - and she's wearing glasses - how fun is that?!? And your jewelry is really great as well!! :) Silke
P.S. Gorgeous shots from the caverns!

José said...


Those caves look awesome.
I went to ones when I was in elementary school, then never again; maybe one day...
Wish you good luck with your Etsy store.

Best regards,


Kelly Lish said...

I just recieved my mermaid print yesterday-I love her. I immediately framed her and set her in a special place on my bathtub. Thank you- she is the sweetest! I'll have to take a picture and post on my blog.