Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here is my latest painting. I am doing a little redecorating in the house, soooo I am trying to paint what I would like to hang. Interesting concept. hee hee.
I am painting some larger paintings for different rooms in the house. If they sell, awesome. If not, that is good too. I will also be doing some smaller ones for Valentine's soon too.
This is my kitchen that I am always working on. I am still not done. :/

Here is another update on cat love. Yes, I admit, I did push them together here. It lasted for about 5 minutes before Tamale got up and moved away. But look at how calm she is about it. :)



Cinzia said...

Very beautiful!!!

Cris said...

Oooh! I really like that one! Neat colors! Reminds me of Dad's "Utopia" he wanted us all to move to, remember? I am still thinking about those poor cats I saw at the pet shop "on loan from death row". Can't let myself go in that store again, too afraid of the outcome. Either they are gone or I would come home with them!

marcia furman said...

that is a really cute painting. it looks great in your kitchen!!

Pease Porridge said...

Yes, Cris I was thinking about that when I painted it. We are suppose to all do that someday!


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks a dream and so does the painting. A perfect combination.
Thank you so much for lovely comment on my blog.

Jenny said...

I love the painting. It loks great where you have it...I would not want to sell it myself...lol But I love your stuff.

Tamale is so funny. I love seeing the kitties..they are so cute.

I did not get that kitty, but that is good news cuz someone else was in line for him....but I am going to the max fund ( a no kill shelter) and seeing about a boy named WILL. He is supposed to be real mellow around other kitties and has been at the shelter for a long time...so that would be nice to give him a good home.

We'll let you know when I finally get me another kitty.

Sonia said...


Its wonderful

Love the painting, I want to go there. I am glad they(kitties) can get closer.

Sonia ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it! So different.Love the kitties together.My 2 both males dont like closeness either.maybe a split second but that is it.LOL,have a great day!

Fantastic Figments said...

I am really diggin your new pieces .. A lot. And i love where it is hanging. I like that is has that dark feel!

I left you a little lovin(award) over at my blog :)

Awesome piece..!


Jen said...

I just love your work! It is so beautiful! You have such great talent. It is now wonder your painting go for so much. I have tried to bid on a few of your paintings and always lost. :(

Jennifer(Crooked-Needle Primitives)

Denise said...

Okay...now I'm addicted. I am absolutely in love with your paintings! They are just TOO cute !!

Pease Porridge said...

Thank you all for the very kind comments! Thank you Stephanie for the award. School is back in so I have been pretty busy this week. Sorry I have not been around much to keep up. Blogland just keeps on rolling with or without me. :0 Thank you guys again! I still love reading your comments.


lunara said...

Hello, i like your blog, you have beautiful paintings and artworks..
Regards from lunara.

Amy Sullivan said...

~I like this painting very much~
~sweet kitty love~

Anonymous said...

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