Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow, what a nice weekend. We had such warm weather. We were even able to dine out on the front porch Friday night. Then Saturday evening my sister and parents and me sat out there again and had drinks and snacks. The front porch is my favorite place to be in the summer. Every summer day ends in a celebration on the front porch. I wanted the warm weather to stay so bad, but it is gone with the wind.

This is my latest painting on ebay called "Bun Buns".

Here are both of my serious sunbathers. They too had sooooo much fun playing outside with us this weekend. Foster actually slept through the night without attacking my feet.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!



Sonia said...

So pretty..and the babies looked relaxed.


Sonia ;)

Sarah said...

Oh I'm with you there - soooo ready for warm. The cats are darling!! I love Bun, buns - way cute!!!! Sarah

Ooty said...

The cats are so cute!!!
I love bunnies! The painting is beautiful as always =0)

Micki said...

Gorgeous painting, pop over to my blog I have an award waiting for you ;)

Micki x

Pearle said...

I'm with you on the teasing warm weather we've had lately. I just feel so energized and motivated when the windows are open and I can go out and feel the sunshine on my face.

This piece is so pretty and spring-like!

Jenny said...

Oh I would love a big front porch. Although, I have a nice cabana in the back...that is good enough.

The kitties look cozy relaxed, how cute are they?

Love the new painting!

PS. I have passed on an award to you. You can pass it on if you like.

Big Hugs~


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jennifer! Glad you had a great weekend! "Bun Buns" is adorable! Love her read dress and matching bonnet! Your kitties are precious! Have a great week!

Lisa :)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Oops, meant red. Must be Monday!

MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh Jennifer the bunnies are so darling.

Cris said...

Oh, the bunny picture is so cute! You beat me to the punch, I just finished an angel holding a bunny! Yours turned out SO Cute!

Cris said...

I have an award for you on my site!

therubynest said...

Love this new painting, just gorgeous! : ) xo julie

Heather said...

very sweet painting! those cats look like they have a hard life ;)

Amy Sullivan said...

~Love this little Eastery Bunny painting~
~We may get more snow~?~
~But, today we have spring~

Anonymous said...

You've been photo tagged! Stop by when you get a chance :)

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Kitties have the right idea don't they? Love this painting as well as your other creations-Precious!