Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stripes and Dots

Last weekend we stopped into the Humane Society and tortured ourselves by looking at all of the cute kittens. I would love another cat. I am a little worried that my youngest would accidentally devourer it with too many kisses. Not sure if she is ready yet. Might wait another year. Anyway, there was a kitten that my husband favored white with stripes and dots. So cute. So here is the painting with the same theme as "Peek A Boo Sissy".

Also I must Thank Jenny Carter of Wonder's Of Whimsy for the very thoughtful award. Since Wonder's Of Whimsy is really the only blog I read outside of my family, I must award her 7 times.! Ha ha ha. I am going to try to do my homework and look at some other blogs off of her list. Hee hee. She has such good taste it can't hurt to start there. Thank YOU Jenny and I love your new Dollies!


Jenny said...

Hi Jennifer~

Thanks 7 times! heehee. I love the new painting! Fall is my favorite time, so the colors are sweet. We visited the kitties at Petsmart last weekend. I wish I could have a couple more. I could, but Shadow would have a fit! BOOHOO.

Love all the video's. I watched allof them. Love the first day of school and the kitty in the both were cuties!

Pease Porridge said...

That was my cousin's little girl. I agree they were both sooooo cute. The way the little cat's paws stretched out was just too cute!