Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katydid Doo Doo

Aah the Katydid. Now is the time of the Katydid. That taunting sound they make in the wee hours that would remind me as a back to school girl that it was still summer and why in the world did I have to get up so early for school already. I hated school. I would have been delighted to have been home schooled until 9th grade. Never to step foot in a school building. I hated it. By 9th grade it started getting a little more interesting. Boys. Ha ha

We decided to study this little creature up close. Watching him lick his hands and look at us. We must have scared him in the process because he promptly left two number twos right on the porch next to us. I
did not know they did that, but I guess it only makes sense. So we put him back to a safe spot. I went in to finish making dinner. Rosalie's curiosity did not end there though. She decided on her own to continue the study. The first scream I heard was the Katydid and in horror thought OH NO she has dismantled a leg, but instead the Katydid had the best of her and had went up her dress and with his sticky feet attached himself to the side of her hip. She was screaming and jumping, but the Katydid would not budge. I rescued them both and I think she has learned her lesson that some bugs are bigger and faster. :)


MyBlueHeaven said...

Interesting photos and so funny. Poor Rosalie.

Jenny said...

Cute story. So, that is the annoying thing that makes that sound...ughh. Don't hear it too much in the city, but I grew up with it all around.

Rosalie, the BIG bugs must like her! heehee

Have a good weekend~

Marie Antionette said...

That was so cute,curiosity killed the cat,so to speak...LOL... Marie Antionette