Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Missouri Botanical Garden

Today my sister Susan I took the kids to the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day out and one of the last days of summer before school starts. We are really packing it in these last couple weeks.
We had a wonderful time. So much to see. We even ran into our sister Cris there. Ha ha , no just kidding that is just one of the art sculptures from the Niki exhibit. I loved all these Sculptures. They were something to see among the beautiful landscape.

We just about lost the kids in the maze.

I LOVE this Skull. You can climb inside too!

But, this Women and Man walking a spider was probably my favorite! I am not sure who this sculpture was by. I will have to look that up. Well, back to house work. Yeah. :(


Cris said...

Yes, that sculpture looks just like me, Jennifer! You just wait until you are as old as me! Those Niki pieces are cool aren't they? They still have several Chihuly blown glass pieces there too! I like the big colorful "onions" on the lake. If anyone reading this visits St. Louis soon, you must go to the Missouri Botanical Garden!

Pease Porridge said...

I am just joking, of course. Ha ha ha I really like all of those big ladies though! I wish I had some of their curves. Hee hee