Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seven Year Anniversary

Today is my Husband's and I seven year wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful night last night out to eat and then The Muny, an outdoor theater in St. Louis. Unfortunately, it had to end with finding out one of my kids threw up at the Grandparents house where they were being watched. Lovely. He is better today. Kids always make life a little more exciting than you would like.

Thinking back on our wedding night I was wishing I had a digital picture of it, but I do not. Digital cameras were just getting popular that year and we still had all our pics done the old fashion way. Oh, well. We were married at a famous haunted house in St. Louis called the Lemp Mansion. It was a beautiful night. Speaking of hauntings, here is a pic of my latest listing on ebay. :)


MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh how cute!

Pease Porridge said...

Thank you Mamms!

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! You look all nice and summery in that photo!

I am ready for fall! It is too darn hot here now...uggh.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the ghost!

Pease Porridge said...

Thank you Sandra! I think it is a pretty cute ghost. Harmless. :)

Jenny, I think it reached 100 degrees here in St. Louis today and with the humidity it was suppose to feel like 115 degrees. I believe it. It was hard to even breathe. Yuck.