Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have been tagged by the very talented Leticia and here are the official rules…Link to the person who tagged you.Mention the rules.Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they have been tagged.
Here you go:

1. My favorite flower might be the Hydrangea.

2. I am the youngest of four sisters

3. I am slightly claustrophobic

4. My favorite season is summer.

5. I love pairing wine with food.

6.My biggest worry is health. If my kids are healthy I am happy.

I tried to tag people that I have not seen tagged in awhile, but if you are too busy don't worry about. :)

The lovely and very talented Christina , Joan , Mere , and Mystele Tag your it!


Leticia said...

Funny, I'm claustrophobic big time - I had an anxiety attack on the submarine ride at Disneyland when my daughter was 3 and I was pregnant with my son. Small enclosed area and under water- not a good thing.

Christina Silverio said...

Ah! Hahaha! I'll try to do my part of the tag now! ;)

Pease Porridge said...

OH, Leticia. That does sound awful!

crow productions said...

My hand is raised with the answer teacher teacher call on me. I've been working hard with my G-daughter and her fourth grade spelling. Besides painting, I write songs and write. Tough to choose with how fast time flies. I identify with Fox Mulder who people think is slightly kooky and spooky. In 1982 I saw the boomerang UFO. It was a life changing event. No one believed me and they think I am slightly kooky and spooky. Thank you for your challenge! Joan Cimyote

nollyposh said...

Hi pease porridge X:-)
i love your little bloggy and your art and (pS) i also have a child with severe allergies (Anaphylactic response to nuts, sesame and legumes)i too am a stay at home mum and couldn't imagine mothering any other way *hugz* vicki (aka) nollyposh X:-)

Leslie said...

Thanks for popping over to my spot and I appreciate your kind words! I am so excited to meet so many wonderful artists in blogland-what a wonderful land it is!

mystele said...

thank you so much for the tag!!!