Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is my most recent group painting. It is called "Reunion". I am not sure if it is a human or cat reunion or both. But I can tell it is not going as planned. I was listing this when my son came in and started laughing at all their faces because they all have the same expression. Ha ha. I said I think it is because the cats are behaving badly and they are a bit embarrassed by their behavior. Then he was like, wait a minute is this yours?! Let me see this thing in person and then he continued to laugh. Well, at least it is entertaining, I guess. I really don't have much control over these group paintings. They just kind of develop themselves and this one is a small one, 4X4 but just as much work. Maybe you all might see something else going on in this than I did. Either way it is up on Etsy.


Micki Wilde said...

Their expressions are fabulous, they look like they are all talking to the kitties and saying "ooh you naughty little kitty" in the same kind of way that kenneth williams said "ooh matron" in the carry on films ;o)

Love it

Micki x

Micki Wilde said...

Lol I forget that not everyone knows who he is, carry on films were a part of life growing up in the uk ;)

Mundo Mundaca said...

This is so Funny!
I see that all the characters are the same family that are similar to each other.
but I see dialogue and interaction between them.
I see this woman standing at the top on the left talking to the cat.
I see the couple talking about the right cat.
and see the two women at low listening to what the cat has to say.
I loved it all ... I think it's brilliant!

Cameron said...

Cute little story :)

Perhaps this is the face your dad gets at the thought of another cat? Lol! Best of luck on that, are a naughty daughter...haha!

claire barone art said...

I love it Jen great colours and expressions wood is sooo lovely to paint on xx

Micki Wilde said...

Lol I had to google Jimmy Fallon, I don't know who he is ;) I think you're getting me back for you having to google kenneth williams yesterday ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the kitty with his legs straight up in the air! Definitely a kitty/person thing going on...everyone looks like they're going "awwwwwww"!

claire barone art said...

Hi Jen im just checking to see if you are ok hope the tornado was not near you was so worried when i saw the news as i remembered you live somewhere in this area Claire xx

Michele Lynch Art said...

I love their expressions, I feel the same as you like they are bewildered by the cats behavior ;o) Love the fighting foxes too! xo michele