Thursday, February 18, 2010

You may have noticed that I have fallen head first into the animal world or should I say shoved by my 5 year old daughter.

This one was painted on a wood plaque. You can see the grain in the print. I think I will just send this over to Etsy as a print for now.

This is what it might look like in a frame. I think this sweet baby bunny could either be a boy or a girl, don't you?



Fair Rosamund said...

This is such a sweet painting, I love it!

Kelly said...

This is so sweet. The baby is so lovely...yes, could be a boy or a girl. I love these animal paintings. You actually inspired me to dig up my copy of Wind In The Willows and reread it. My dad read those stories to me and I was completely convinced that animals were like little people in fur suits.

Cris said...

Oh so cute Jennifer. It reminds me of a book my kids had called "The Little Fur Family". These would make wonderful illustrations in a children's book! Any writers out there?

Micki said...

Gorgeous!! and I totally agree with what Cris said about being in a children's book, these would make wonderful additions to any childs book!!

priti.lisa said...

I love that you fell down the rabbit hole :)
I think it is wonderful that your daughter loves your art...that's a fabulous feeling, isn't it?
xox, Lisa

claire barone art said...

so lovely love the circle form very crisp looking they do look like something from a childrens book I studied illustration years ago and im trying to get back into it..... hugs