Sunday, February 21, 2010

This painting is on ebay for .99 cents.

We had our first warm day here. Foster thinks it is spring.

When he came back in he had dirt all over him. A dirty face.

Dirty toes.

And even a dirty belly.

Where does a dirty kitty lay down?
You guessed it. On a FRESH CLEAN TABLECLOTH!

Bath time.

A spider ring makes a good bath toy for kitties.


Cris said...

The painting is SO CUTE! I love how she is playing with a mouse on a string!

The photos of Foster are darling~ a spider ring in the bathtub--how cute!

Micki said...

another super cute painting!! Love them!

I wish we were nearer spring, we had a fresh batch of snow yesterday :(
It's my daughters 6th birthday today and this is the first year since she's been born that we've had snow on her day!!

Micki x

claire barone art said...

you have produced so much lovely work lately your hands must be exhausted Rose has had a good influence on you with her love of animals its nice when your children are interested in what you do all i get is uh! its ok! boys are less encouraging.... have a nice day Jen xx

Janine said...

Ha ha,of cause he lies down on the white table-cloth. Thats the only acceptable place.
But I goggle, that he takes a bath.
That is really amazing.
Have a great week

alkemilla said...

What a delightful series is that! Really does your kitty take bath???

Mundo Mundaca said...

I love your painting and you kitty CUT!

MyBlueHeaven said...

Cutest dirty toes I've ever seen except for Karlee's when she was little.

Sonia ;) said...

Foster is so cute...everytime I see him I think of the toilet paper video...LOL


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures of that bad Foster.

Fair Rosamund said...

What a beautiful painting! Your kitty is so cute :) They sure know ho to get into mischief don't they? :)

Pease Porridge said...


I have not watched that video in a long time so I added it to the bottom of my page. He looks so much smaller then!


Kelly said...

A sure sign of spring: a dirty furbaby who plomps brings a good portion of the good earth inside. The other day,it was 40 something degrees out and Bailey,my shih tzu, had a grand time snuffling around the yard and thru a thicket, gathering mud and seed pods and little bits of nature. When he came in,he went right up to the bedroom and onto my bed. Happy Spring!
**love the idea of the spider ring for a kitty tub toy!

Julie said...

OM gosh I love this painting! I will definitely be watching this one!!! And, Foster is so sweet, he looks so happy to be enjoying the outdoors! : )

Gloria said...

Wow! Those photos are great. I think that spider ring is great. Does Foster scratch you? I never was able to take my cat a bath. Dogs are easy but cats wow they scratch. Have a great week. I love your cat.