Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New prints at the Etsy shop.

I have upgraded most of my prints to a semi-gloss full 8X10 size. They look really nice. Check them out.

Also, I had a request for an 11X14 size and found that this came out very crisp and clear.

So I am offering that size too.

That has been my week so far. Now I will go back to painting. I have a few new ones started that I would love to get finished.

I hope you are all keeping away from that nasty flu bug and thank you so much for all of your very kind commments



Cris said...

Oh Jennifer! They all look so Loverly!!!! I want them all!

Janine said...

Very sweet items.
I wish you a lot of success

Snowbrush said...

Awfully sweet and cute too!

Tammy said...

I just love your artwork. It is always so fun and whimsical. Makes me smile.

Christina Colwell said...

Happy painting! These are quite lovely. ooh aw

marcia furman said...

Those looks so nice!!!

Ale said...

Congrats for all!!! It´s very beautifull!!!


Nicola said...

Wow these prints have come out beatifully!!!! I just love work!!

Heather said...

they look great! Are you printing them off yourself or having them done? (if you dont mind my asking)