Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am ready for the next holiday.
These two winter paintings are up on ebay now.

It already looks like Thanksgiving outside here. All the leaves have fallen off the trees and that makes it walking through the woods season. That is a rule I have set with my children. I like to wait until the trees are bare so that I can see them easily. This picture is from last spring. Foster, our cat was the first to suggest the kick-off walk of the season. I swear he is part dog. On went the rubber boots and off they went for their first adventure of the season. Our little creek was running pretty good because of all the rain we have had. We are still in search for a treasure we buried last year that must have went floating down aways.

I want to end this post thanking Michele Lynch for the Kreativ Bloggers award. If you have not stopped by her blog, please do so. She creates some of the most unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Truly one of a kind! Check her out.

I need to go work on my costume!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!



Lisa Holtzman said...

What a wonderful painting, as always! Love the kitties socks. Oh, good rule about your kids in the woods too : )

Georgina said...

Love the painting! I got a real kick out of your wooded cat!! LOL

Micki said...

Happy Halloween!!!!

Love the new paintings, so cute, i've been getting in the festive painting mood too ;)

Micki x

Micki said...

Aww can't wait to see piccies of her costume,I bet she'll be a real cutie!
Our halloween is almost over it is 8.50pm now in the uk and ours was not so good this year.
Kayla has been really poorly since Thursday night with suspected swine flu, we had lots of people come round trick or treating, which cheered her up a bit but she couldn't go out though, poor kid I feel really sorry for her!

I hope you all have a fab time and have lots of fun.


Micki x

glorv1 said...

Great painting. I love the wooded area and the kittie socks. Have a great weekend. Happy Halloween.

Lisa said...

They're both so pretty! You made me giggle talking about the cat being like a dog. lol

Caroline said...

Happy Halloween!

Julie said...

Beautiful paintings!! What fun to explore in the woods! Our woods are about an hour away (my folks live in them thankfully) and it is always a treat to explore the "enchanted forest" as my mom calls it on Thanksgiving. Ahh to have the forest right outiside my door! Happy Halloween! : )

Micki said...

Damn that doggy gets everywhere lol!!
Kayla is feeling a bit better today, her fever is gone and she just has the sore throat and cough left. It was nice snuggling up with her in between the trick or treaters we were watching monsters verses aliens on dvd and had to pause it a million times lol ;)

Micki x

claire barone art said...

love festive girl...... too cute as always

Janine said...

The kid in the snow looks so happy.
That is a very cute painting