Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is my latest painting. I know it looks scary at first glance, but he is a very nice bear. " Giant Bear" on Etsy.

This is the story of Rosapple, a cute little girl who stayed out after dark playing near the wood line. Her mother always warned her of bears, but Rosapple wouldn't listen. One night while playing after dark a bear befriends Rosapple and decides to take her home to meet his family. They play and have all sorts of fun and the story ends very sweetly with the bear tucking her into bed.

That mom worried for no reason, right?

I have not been blogging much this week because the weather has been sooo pretty. We went to many parks in hopes that the kids would sleep earlier and get back on track. That never works! I think the excitement of having fun just keeps them up later. I should just try to give them a really boring day, that's right I could bore them to sleep. We did hit another sculpture park because we have one so close to home with really neat trails. This park does not have cute white rabbits though. Check out the video below.

I hope to get around to everyone's blog soon. Hope all is well!



glorv1 said...

Looks like it was fun even though your daughter was a little frightened. Your children are young. My son is grown and on his own. It's a great painting.

MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh poor Rosalie. I think I would be scared too.

Cris said...

Ha Ha, Now when she doesn't go to bed you can tell her that the big eyeball will be watching her unless she gets in her room! I love the painting and story! The bear is SO cute!

niknik said...

Не замечали? Но, медведи в сказках всегда добрые! Замечательная картина!

Micki said...

I just got back off my holidays today and i'm popping in to a couple of blogs!
Your newest painting is AMAZING!!! You know I love your work, every single one of them but this one is just fantastic, i'm not suprised it sold so fast it's just awesome!

I also love the video with the scary eyeball sculpture lol, how sweet your daughter is.

Micki x

Diane Duda said...

Love, love, love this painting!

Julie said...

That is so funny ~ I love her little face...I never know what's gonna scare my son but it does usually end up being the most random thing. Congrats! your new painting (which is sooo sweet) already sold! Yeah! You're on a roll sista! : )

Silke said...

Oh, wow, I love the big bear painting!

And that video was hilarious - your poor daughter... I remember having such fears of the silliest things as a kid. She's really cute!!

:) Silke

Amy Sullivan said...

I truly love this painting !

Your daughter is so dear. That kinda scared me too, when I was little.

Jenny Carter said...

I posted an award for you on my blog....I know AGAIN~!~~~

Heather said...

this is dark but also really sweet! And love the name roseapple... said...

I love your ART
came to follow you