Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hi Jenny! I made it here!

Here is Old Glory's new home. I won this awesome doll from Jenny at Wonders of Whimsy .

You too could win a doll! All ticket donations go to helping feral cats. Check it out!

It has been one of those weeks! We all have them, I know. I won't bore you with all the stressful, scary, aggravating details, but it has not been fun!

So this is how Old Glory arrived.

I was working with Nino on his vocab word 'ever' and he had to write it in a sentence. Well, if any of you know Sponge Bob there is a song called "The Best Day Ever" ..I added it to my playlist if you want to hear it. Anthony started singing it and right then the door bell rang! It was my doll! Anthony was so happy to see me smile that he sang the song the whole time I was opening the package. Thank you Jenny! Old Glory put a much needed smile on my face. She is sooo neat too. Looks like she was so much work to make right down to her cute toes.

Of course Tamale had to play with the paper.

Thank you again Jenny! I love her.



Jenny said...

Tamale is cute!! of course they all love that tissue paper. I am glad Old Glory made it safe. That did not take long at all. I know what a stressul week is. Three days trying to get mama...guess what she was in the cage and I went to cover it and bring it inside and she was gone...she got out because the darn thing did not claps properly. I was devasted!!! Now I have to pray she is not skiddish about going in again....oh my I am done with the tears!!

Cris said...

Oh Jen, I can't wait to see Old Glory in real life! Jenny Carter makes the most awesome dolls doesn't she? I am lucky enough to own one too! I hope your week is better now. I am off tomorrow, maybe I will talk to you and see how things are going.

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Fantastic Figments said...

I agree Jenny's dolls are AMAZING! Her attention to detail is fantastic!

OKay miss Jen I have an award for you hanging over at my blog. If you have time come on over and take it home!


Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Jeniffer,
Lucky you!

Paula said...

That very cute paw shot in your side bar looks so much like Audrey, my studio assistant. Well she's not much of a studio assistant right now as she's in the bath tub playing with her cat toy !!!!!!!

Leticia said...

Congratulations Jennifer - cute. Hope things are looking up. Take care.

Amy Sullivan said...

that is a wonderful way to brighten your day~
~packages~ from the mailman~
what a lovely doll~

~have a Wonderful Easter~

Fantastic Figments said...

Hey lady ..

Sorry I am late responding you are right I have been busy and I feel I will be getting busier real soon.

I hope everything is okay around your way. I am sending good thoughts. It is hard because you build friendships with people and then you realize a whole world stands between you helping them!

Again I hope all is well.


K said...

Please check out my blog if you get a sec...left you a little surprise there!