Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here are two new paintings up on ebay.
Last year when Rose would put on her black cat ears and tail, Foster,our cat would get soooo scared of her. His tail would puff up every time.
This little girl here is trying to fool her kitty friend.
Now that school is in I don't have much time to blog, but I will try to get on here to show my latest paintings.
Hope all is well!


Micki said...

I love both of those paintings but especially the witch, she's wonderful!!


Micki x

priti.lisa said...

Sooo funny! The cat "en guarde" of impersonaters! Sorry about my spelling, lol.

Homework is killer...I remember those years...with a shudder :)

You paint with the angels J. Cat.
There. I just gave you a Street name :)

claire barone art said...

hi jen hope you are well ... love them but i really think your witches are special very special xx

Cris said...

Hey-J-Cat! I love your funny kitties! The "Natalie" witch is so cute.

Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi, seems repetitive I to always say the same thing... that their master paintings.. but it is the purest true.. I adore their girls' face and their kittens.. mainly the blacks..... I am spending some days in my son's house and him has a cat called black Sebastiao.. you makes to remember their black kittens also.
have a beautiful week.

Cameron said...

Soooo cute... I love the story behind the cat-masked girl :)

The witch and her chat noir friends is just adorable!

Ronnie said...

Just charming. Made me laugh!