Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is my still for the week. I am keeping this one. It is of two Peonies in a blue china dish. This Peony plant was handed down from my Grandma that painted. If you have ever read my bio you know what I am taking about. All of us girls have one that came from the original in her garden. Isn't that cool? Next spring I will try to remember to split this one so I can start getting more ready for the next group of kids.

Well, I am currently reading the life story of Vincent Van Gogh. Just fascinating. I always love life stories set back in time anyway, but throw in an obsession with art and you got me.
Have you ever taken a liking to someone just because they remind you of someone you know? Is it just me or does Vincent look a little like Foster? Maybe I am just going crazy.

This one is up on ebay.


Fair Rosamund said...

Oh my goodness, both of these paintings are GORGEOUS! You are such a talented painter! I love Van Gogh too, I went through a phase where I read a lot about him :) And I love the kitty resemblance, I can totally see it! :) ~Lauren

Micki said...

Both those paintings are wonderful, love them!!

Micki x

claire barone art said...

hi jen both new paintings are lovely your cat does look like vincent you are not going crazy ...... have you ever seen the film the yellow house its really good its about vincent and his time at this house you can watch it online at 4od channel four uk ... im looking forward to getting chicken girl every time i see the teeth it reminds me of the story about roses face when she saw them so funny bye for now love clairexx

Cris said...

I love the new paintings, Jen! Yes, foster definitely looks like are not crazy. Laura and I just watched a movie about Georgia O'Keefe last night. She sure had a terrible husband! Oh My! Lots of tragedy in these artist's lives. Perhaps there is a correlation. My Peonies from Nonie (our grandma) are starting to bloom. I need to transplant them to a sunnier spot though.

MyBlueHeaven said...

It's Mr. Foster Van Gogh!

Gloria said...

I love Van Gogh. I recently painted his mother and also him. It was fun. Yes I have plants that were cuttings from so many different family members. I do mean a lot. They have grown and given new plants and we've planted those and gotten more and you know how that goes. Take care and have a great weekend. Happy Mothers's Day to you.

icandy... said...

hi jennifer,
and happy spring to you!
your still life painting is just wonderful~ what a sweet thing... splitting the peony bush. we have one in our side yard, but it was here when we bought our home. your story is very special!
have a beautiful weekend!

Jenny Carter said...

OH I love it. I love impressionism. Yours is so perfect honey. Oh and Foster totally looks like him...heehee

jddabomb said...

The latest one with the peony in the blue dish reminds me so much of Delft blue! Grew up in a dutch household so needless to say was surrounded by it and now have engulfed my kitchen in it! Love, lOVE, lOVE IT! So sweet that the plant was handed down after many years! Make's it so more special! Thanks for sharing!


Laura Beth said...

Foster is definitely Van Gogh! I think it's his coloring and the shape of his face! Very proper and poised. I love the still life of the pretty. We have Nonie's (my great grandmother ^_^) peonies in a vase on our table right now. Can't wait for our summer gatherings to start...always with avocados ;).

Fair Rosamund said...

Hi Jennifer, just wanted to let you know that I have a Sunshine award for you on my blog :) It is here if you want it:

Have a good weekend! ~Lauren

Micki said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner i've been away at my brothers wedding!!

I'm so glad you got the painting safely and that you like it!!
It is very touchable, I like bumpy paintings too ;)

Micki x

Leticia said...

So funny - yes they do look alike! Beautiful peony still life and the painting of the girl and kitty under the tree is so sweet. Happy Spring Jen.