Thursday, April 15, 2010

A boy can never have too many Lightsabers.......or swords.......or any weaponry. Right?
Anthony loved this painting. He was all smiles when he saw it. After years of girls with kitties, finally something HE could relate too. Ha ha
Not too long ago we watched a documentary on how to build a real lightsaber. They figured out how to make everything, but they would need nano batteries that were not yet invented. When they got to that part, Anthony teared up. He really thought he was going to build one. I told him even if he could, he could not play with it! It is a real WEAPON! Oh my!
The original is on Etsy.


Micki said...

Aww bless!! I love that you are painting some boys, i've done a couple before but I always forget to do more lol!!
I can see why Nino likes this one ;)

Micki x

Fair Rosamund said...

This painting is so cute! I think my boyfriend would build a lightsaber if he could :) He has the ipone app which makes the lightsaber noises when you swoosh the phone through the air, too funny! :) ~Lauren

Gloria said...

Jennifer, I love that painting. This is something different for you or at least I think it is and it is great. Thanks.:) Have a great Friday.

Julie said...

Can I r-e-l-a-t-e!!!! This painting is so whimsical and I love, love, love those colors! Mine always says..."why don't you ever paint pictures of me Mama...or at least boys?!" And, the love of swords....I gues it really is like our love of kitties. : )

蚵仔煎Jack said...

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