Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've Abandoned my BLOG!

I've abandoned my Blog!

Said like in the movie, "There will be Blood".
What a nice vacation. This was the first year that I can remember being sad about taking down the tree.
It was quite a season of glitter and gluttony, retrospect too.
Along with all the Christmas parties, I had a funeral and a small 20 year reunion of my closest school friends. I should say LOTS of retrospect. Maybe that is why this Christmas felt so fulfilling. It was not so much about the gifts but more about the people and memories.
It felt good painting again yesterday. Although, I did miss my babies being back to school.
Today, I feel more like I am back to my normal routine again and I might even get a chance to stop by some blogs. I should definitely do that instead of listening to 2012 documentaries. Yikes! I have a feeling any of your blogs would be much for uplifting.


Micki said...

Lovely paintings, so glad you had a nice Christmas!!

Micki x

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Love your paintings! I felt the same during the holidays. I totally abandoned the internet all together.

Nicola said...

Glad you had such a lovely Christmas! Loving these new paintings, they are so gorgeous. The texture is just lush, don't know if that is the right word but I especially love the second one, the texture just makes me want to reach out and touch it!!! Lovely work!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear that your Christmas holiday went really well. So nice to see soem of you're new art too. Always beautiful!

Hope your week is a really great one!



MyBlueHeaven said...

Yes it was a nice Christmas in spite of some sadness but it went way too fast. Love your paintings.

Gloria said...

Hi Jennifer. Happy New Year. I love your paintings and I just took off all the baubles and bangles off my tree,put them away and left the little tree up with it's little white lights. That way I can look at it all year. Why not, it lights up the house romantically so. Have a great week.

Janine said...

Your new paintings are lovely, sometimes it´s good to take a break.
Glad to hear that your holidays were good

Kelly said...

I abandoned my blog too... the holidays are so full of things to do...no time for blogging.
As always love your paintings...

jddabomb said...

Hi Jennifer.....Love this painting! Although Christmas vacay was wonderful, I was never so anxious for school to start! Bittersweet, but this painting dipicts it for me! Keep them coming!