Monday, December 7, 2009

I have been a very bad blogger lately. I know you all are feeling the time crunch too. Christmas is almost here and there is so much to do.
If you are interested in what I have been up to, read on. If you are busy too, don't waste your time. :)

This week we went to Zoo Lights. It was beautiful , cold and fun. The Penguin house was open. All was perfect until Rose lost the little puppy she was holding in her hand. OH, BOY. We have not been through that with her yet. Daddy went through the park looking with no luck. Later that night I told her we could call the spirit of the puppy to come stay with us. Long story short, she went with it and was very happy playing with her imaginary ghost puppy the rest of the night. She said she will never take her ghost puppy anywhere so as not to loose him. ;)

Then the next day was a field trip for Anthony's class to the Transportation Museum. What can I say, I love trains. Maybe it is because my Grandpa worked as a Train Master for the railroad all his life 12 hour days, 7 days a week. They hold a special place in my heart.

Finished out the week with decorating Christmas trees, watching Christmas movies and making Christmas cookies.

This a pic of me that Rose took.

Here is a shot of my messy kitchen. On the kitchen table are pendants that I am working on and some prints mounted on wood I plan to get up on Etsy soon.

I hope you all are not falling behind on things to do. Take a deep breath. It will all get done.


Micki said...

Sounds as busy at yours as it is here! we're all christmas discos, pre christmas lunches, school shows last minute dentist appointments etc it's mad!! Our first 'proper' sit down family meal is on the 19th at my mums, we're having to spread them out a bit this year to fit all the family in!
Phew! i'll be glad when January is here ;)

Micki x

Heidi said...

The tree looks great! I love the lights around the bottom. Looks like a good time was had at the transportation museum. Gotta love those trains!

Laura Beth said...

The Zoo lights looks really fun! I just can't believe that it is getting so close to Christmas.^_^ And to answer your question about the banner...I did it in power point and then saved the slide as a JPEG. Hope I explained it well. I will be seeing you soon enough at another one of our wonderful, loud, crazy, family Christmas gatherings. lol

glorv1 said...

Hi Jennifer. Sounds like it's been really busy for you but also some fun time with family. Your tree looks great. Happy Holidays in case I don't get back to you, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. :D take care too.

MyBlueHeaven said...

Your trees look beautiful and so do you.

priti.lisa said...

Jenn, if that's a messy kitchen, I shudder to name mine. I love to see children loved. That's the best work you do. xox

Sonia ;) said...

Beautiful every single bit of it...Wow the kids are growing like weeds. And the house, you and the kids are beautiful because it is all filled with love.


claire barone art said...

it all looks great even the mess which isnt really that messy... tree is very classy

Heather said...

happy holidays! your home looks so lovely!