Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have two new paintings up on ebay and I have a 16X20 that I will post soon too.

Don't you just love taking walks in the snow on a moonlit night? How about picking out a Christmas tree on a moonlit night?

I have Christmas trees on the mind lately. It is that time of year. In fact, we have already spotted some up in nearby homes!

I wanted to do a real tree this year, but I am not sure . We have an artificial one that I have never really been happy with. Maybe if I spend the money I would have spent on a tree on a bunch of new lights, I might like it more. Hmmmm. There really is nothing like a real one though.

Here is a picture of my sweet little Boy Scout. We went 'Scouting for Food' for the local food pantry this weekend. Anthony was so proud going door to door in his uniform and everyone was so polite to him. It was a very nice experience.
Well, I hope you all got some rest in this weekend. I plan to tonight. :)
Love, Jennifer


priti.lisa said...

Your paintings are almost as beautiful as your kids! That little tiger made me creative she is. You seem like a fun mother...enjoy them, they do grow up so very fast. I wish I would have been blogging way back when mine were small.
xox, Lisa

glorv1 said...

Hi Jennifer. How fun that you went door to door with your son and for a very good cause. Yes it is tree time and we've had artificial but my hubby says he is thinking of the scent this year. He wants to smell pine. So maybe we'll go that way, of course I always could buy a can of pine spray and when ever he needs to smell pine, I'll spray it in the air. lol. hehehee. Have a great week and your paintings along with your son are awesome. Take care.

MyBlueHeaven said...

The coloring on the girl with the tree is so twilight and cold and old-fashioned looking. I love it.

Heather said...

how pretty and peaceful! I just love winter art! you must paint a skater...I will swoon... :)

Anonymous said...

Cute paintings!!I love this sweet angel :)

Nicola said...

Yes I think there's nothing quite like the smell of a real Christmas tree, it's a really lovely smell. I would like a real one this year but I think with my very inquisitive and accident prone 3 year old it's probably not the right time yet :0) maybe next year. Love your new paintings they really have a lovely feeling to them and your little man is so cute!!!

Patricia González Palacios said...

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Kelly said...

These paintings are making me want to go into the attic and break out all the Christmas stuff. They are just lovely.
We have always had a real tree. We used to get them from the local firehouses' tree sale.They stopped selling them a few years back and now,i confess,we go to Lowes. One year we did chop one down ourselves from the local tree farm.
There really is nothing like a real tree...but the needles do get everywhere.
Your son looked so great in his uniform and what a great thing to do.

Janine said...

These are two lovely paintings.
I love especially the first one. The girl isewaring such a besutiful and rich coat.

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is beautiful, and I love your house, the colour scheme is so pretty!!

Go for the real tree, it's messy but you can't beat the smell, we always love ours.

icandy... said...

Oh, Jennifer!
I love the paintings~ and the sweet munchkins!

XUE said...

Gorgeous creations! So, so lovely & lovingly done too! I have enjoyed going through yr posts! Happy Thursdays from Tokyo!

claire barone art said...

omg they are so enchanting I love the large one so charming