Monday, February 9, 2009

Here are two new paintings I have finished. I have been reading the Life of Saints and that is what has inspired me. The one on the left is a painting of Saint Agatha. Her feast was February 5Th. She is quite inspiring. She refused the solicitations of a high Roman so they tore her breasts off. Yikes. There is much more to her story , but that is the short of it. In modern times she has been taken as a Patron Saint of Breast Cancer. The one on the right is just a beautiful red haired angel.

I plan to post these tonight on ebay.

I also thought I would share a picture of my messy art table and a painting I am currently working on.

Hope you all had a very nice weekend.


Micki said...

Beautiful angels amd I love the big chalk board you have!!

Jenny said...

Those paintings are gorgeous. The project in works looks cool too. Have you had anymore messy kitty feet in the paint, lately?

Cinzia said...

All is beautiful!!!

Micki said...

Ooh I know where you are coming from with the diet restrictions.
I had to live for 4 years without any wheat or monosodium glutamate in my diet (I was in agony if I had only a tiny amount), originally they thought it was IBS and I took pills for years which did nothing, eventually it turned out I had gall stones (hundreds of them) and I had to have my gall bladder removed, since then (almost one year ago) I have been able to eat anything, although this means I have now put on 2 stone in weight which i am working on losing!!
Thems the breaks eh?

Micki x

Phillane E'lee said...

Love the paintings. OMG that redhead is so beautiful. reminds me of my dearest friend. When you get them listed could you send me a update please! I would love to try and win that one.
Thanks hon

Victorian Lady said...

GORGeous! I love the painting you are working on just how it is! Half drawn, half painted, and oh so pretty!


Cris said...

Yes, I do remember the horrible story of St. Agatha. I think they actually served her breasts up on a silver platter to the King or something. The paintings are very neat. Is that my saint book you are reading? I really love the new one you are working on, looks more serious than usual. It is very interesting, can't wait to see it finished.

Pease Porridge said...

No, this book is from Joan. And Yes Cris, they did have her breast on a platter and believe it or not because of that, the Bakers also use her as a Patron Saint!!! Or so I hear.


Micki said...

Indeed I am very grateful that my food issues were sorted out, I was a very ill, constantly in pain, depressed person before the operation, and now I am happy but a bit chubby, I think I can live with that ;)

I only wish that other people with food allergies etc had an easy solution like mine.
I truely feel for you and your son's situation!


Micki x

Anonymous said...

Every painting you do gets more beautiful. Love the painting with wavy hair. Don't they look so beautiful next to the lamp?
The lips and face are so soft and gentle.
Really nice to read your message, thank you so much.

Femin Susan said...


grammy said...

Hi, I came by from the mermaid girl and love you r art too. I have never seen a cat do that to TP by the way. Has your cat done that again, or just the once?

Pease Porridge said...

Yes, unfortunately Foster the cat has done this to the TP since the video. THREE more times since. Now we are trying to remember to close the bathroom doors. :) He has also been swimming in the bath a few times since the first dip. Not sure how we will handle the pool this summer. He is a wild one.


Maggie Rose said...

your paintings are beautiful, serene and angelic.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jennifer! Both are so adorable! I'm lovin' the red head! Are you sure that's your work area...thought it was mine for a sec. hehe! I love your work in progress. She's looking cute already!

Lisa :)

lunara said...

hey beautiful, wow, i love your saint painting and the cute angel, make me feel beautiful things, i love angels!, have a very nice weekend!

Jenn said...

Your work is beatiful!